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Food to enhance immunity

Food is the best source of natural nutrients for the functioning of the body. What kind of food and what product combinations will help strengthen immunity, read on.

Immunity and Nutrition.

The right way to help your immune system is to create an enabling environment for normal functioning. But this can be done only by understanding how it works. And for this it is enough to imagine the immune system as a huge, well-tuned orchestra. It has a large number of instruments – lymphocytes, phagocytes and antibodies. With well-coordinated, good work, they “turn on” on time and provide timely proper protection of the body from various viruses, bacteria and toxins.

Studies have shown that the protective functions of the immune system often decrease with age. However, many scientists insist that the basis for such a decline is the quality of human nutrition. A balanced diet that provides the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals will radically change the situation. The immune system of a person who eats well strengthens his defenses. This is reflected in the increase in the number of white blood cells, which are a kind of immunity army.

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