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Forms of nails: how to choose and how to make the right sawdust?

An ideal manicure depends not only on the length and design, but also on the shape of the nails. How to choose and how to make the right sawdust ? You will find the answers in this article.

To give beautiful shapes to your nails, you need to decide which one is right for you. To do this, be sure to consider :

  • cuticle shape – the shape of the tips of the nails should repeat it;
  • length – depends on the daily life of the client;
  • natural form – the best option when a little “tuning” to natural nails is carried out.

As for the sawdust, it is the foundation of a beautiful manicure . In order to give the desired shape to the nails, perform sawdust, focusing on the conditional central axis of the nail plate. That is, conditionally divide the nail with the vertical axis from the cuticle to the free edge of the plate. Focus attention on the growth points at the edges of the nails. Usually in this area there is an expansion. Clean only the protruding width. See that the nails are straight on the sides, and the overall shape is not too narrow. Otherwise, the manicure will be ruined.

The working tool is a nail file. It should be wide and boomerang . So it will be more convenient to work with it. If you are using a new tool, do not forget to process its edges to avoid cuts.

Now in more detail we will consider sawdust on specific examples. Take the most popular forms among youth:

1. Oval.

This type of sawdust is characterized by no angles , it has only arcs and semicircles. Unfortunately, the oval is not suitable for all girls. When the cuticle’s nails are rounder, then in the end we won’t be able to achieve the desired result . Most likely, the manicure itself will be barrel-shaped. An oval looks great when the cuticle has a nail in the form of a square or a triangle.

Processes include the following points:

We take a nail file and put it under the free edge down, under the plate. Begin work from the point of growth towards the vertical axis. When the top point of the length is reached, carry out actions on the other side of the nail plate. What is the point? You need to make perfect side ovals, without straight lines, curvatures and corners.

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