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From a smile: all about dental hygiene

In the courtyard of the 21st century. Technology does not stand still. This also applies to toothbrushes, pastes. your smiles depend on their choice. What criteria do you rely on when buying? Let’s talk about dental hygiene . This topic is relevant in any century. Everything you need to know about devices and their application, we will share in this article.

When you buy a toothbrush in a store, always consider the nuance that you need it not for beauty. Pay attention to the following points :


  • To do less harm to your gums and generally your mouth, buy a device with a rounded top.

  • Regarding stiffness , it should be medium . Too soft or too hard brush, will not be able to completely remove plaque from the teeth.

  • There is one exception – a soft device, they are bought when a person has very sensitive teeth.

  • Notice brushes with cross-set bristles . They perfectly clean the plaque between the teeth.

  • A good option to buy is a rubber side brush bristles. She gives a superb massage to the gums, which is useful for people who have a problem with their bleeding.

  • The material from which dental appliances are made must be synthetic . Natural pile is a breeding ground for bacteria.

In addition to the usual “ancient” brushes, there are more advanced options. For example, an ionic toothbrush, electric and sonic. As for technological processes, they practically do not differ from ordinary devices. This is only a fashion that encourages the purchase and use of such items. If you do not have such innovations, do not be discouraged! You have not lost anything.

If with devices it is more or less easier to choose, then this cannot be said about the toothpaste itself. There are so many of them now that your eyes are wide, not knowing which one to buy.

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