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Hollywood Tone: Top Things You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Perhaps many people want to have a snow-white smile , because this is a sign of health, beauty and self-confidence. Beautiful teeth have always been appreciated, and many people want these. And to achieve this, you can start to bleach them. How to do this better, and what recommendations, we will now tell.

What affects tooth color?

The dentin pigment, which is located under the enamel, is responsible for the whiteness of the teeth. But many people mistakenly think that it is the enamel that is responsible for the color of the teeth, this is not so. The main function of enamel is to protect the tooth from the bad effects of acids that are released during chewing. Also, plaque may accumulate on the teeth, which impairs their color. But it is easy to get rid of it in the dental office using the airflow method.

The color of the teeth also depends on the human color type . If the color of the skin, hair is a pigment of yellowness, then the teeth will not be snow-white. Color is related to complexion. The darker the skin, the whiter the teeth appear.

When the skin color is light, then the teeth will be a light shade. In this case, it will be enough to undergo professional brushing once every six months. If the pigment of the skin is dark, then the teeth will be darker. Then it’s better to go through the whitening procedure . Today, there are many ways that can give your teeth a white shade.

Effect of teeth whitening.

As with every cosmetic procedure, here too there are pros and cons . Some argue that the teeth are thus destroyed and their condition worsens. But this is not so.

On the contrary, after observing all stages of the procedure, the teeth not only change their shade, but also become stronger. The so-called caries protection is also formed.

Also, many worry about the resulting color of teeth after bleaching. There is a color palette that will help you choose the desired color. But you should not take too light, which will immediately catch the eye. It is necessary to choose exactly the color that is perfect for the color of the skin, and the teeth will look healthy and natural.

But first, the hygienist must determine whether the patient has contraindications to this procedure, talk about the risks, and only then help to choose the right tooth color. Also, during the procedure, all safety measures of the oral cavity of a person, as well as his general condition, must be followed.

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