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How does a hot bath affect our metabolism?

The cold outside the window pushes us to take a hot bath at the end of the day. The advantages of this procedure are obvious. But recently, scientists published research in the American Journal of Applied Physiology (Journal of Applied Physiology) and, according to them, regular baths help speed up the metabolism and lose weight.

The positive effect of a hot bath.

It has long been known that, after playing sports, it is best to relax in hot water. It affects the body well. Hot water activates the release of substances that lower blood pressure, blood sugar and accelerate the metabolism.

It is also worth remembering that taking a hot bath:

  • Helps with colds. Hot water will not allow the disease to develop, steam will moisturize the nasal passages and relieve swelling and symptoms.
  • Promotes weight loss. Scientist Steve Faulkner has proven the effect of hot water on sugar levels. The bath lowers peak levels and burns about 140 calories per hour. This figure is more than an hour’s walk at a brisk pace.
  • Relieves muscle tension. A bath with hot water calms the muscles and improves sleep, improves blood circulation and our skin condition. The pores on the skin expand, and dirt and excess fat are removed. The vessels are dilated and cleaned.

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