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How does a hot bath affect our metabolism?

The negative effects of taking a hot bath.

But, there is one important point – it is impossible to be in such water for more than 10-15 minutes, otherwise, not only a positive, but also a negative effect, will occur.

Doctors say that the heart suffers first. If the chest is immersed in hot water for a long time, then the heartbeat accelerates and heart rhythms may fail. Due to prolonged vasodilation, blood pressure may decrease. This will especially affect people suffering from hypotension. They may faint. Even a person with normal pressure may experience dizziness.

Prolonged use of a hot bath will negatively affect the skin. After such a heat treatment, we will begin to age earlier. This especially applies to the skin on the face, hands and neck.

The most comfortable state for our bodies is a warm bath. The water temperature in it is 33-37 degrees. Such water perfectly relaxes and soothes the body. It relieves nervous tension and has a good effect on the internal organs and their work.

It is best to take a bath before bedtime. Enough for 20-30 minutes.