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How does a hot bath affect our metabolism?

Myths about the hot bath.

Around this everyday procedure there are many rumors and myths. Now, we will debunk some of them.

  • “You can take a bath every day and lie for a very long time.” No – It is not advisable to lay in the bath for longer than 20 minutes. It can affect the condition of the heart.
  • “Never take a bath; it carries a strain on the heart.” No – Observing the correct conditions, you can take it. The temperature should be above 40 degrees, water can not cover the area of ​​the heart.
  • “You can relieve stress and calm your nerves with a warm bath.” Yes – Warm water is relaxing. The temperature should be 33-37 degrees.
  • “The shower is invigorating, but the bath is not.” Not – Taking a cool bath with a temperature of 25-30 degrees for several minutes perfectly invigorates any person.

  • “A hot bath will help relieve cramping and pain.” Yes – Sometimes, they are recommended for radiculitis, myalgia and joint diseases.
  • “Bath is contraindicated in people with heart failure.” Yes – The vessels dilate and blood pressure may rise. It is dangerous for heart problems.
  • “It is dangerous for pregnant women to take a bath.” No – It can be taken in the absence of contraindications, at a temperature not exceeding 38 degrees and not for more than 10 minutes.
  • “A hot bath helps with reduced pressure.” No – It can worsen the condition, because the vessels expand, and the pressure can drop even more. As a result, a person can lose consciousness and even drown.
  • “In diabetes, it is forbidden to take a bath.” Yes – In diabetes of the first type, it is impossible categorically. A person can fall into a glycemic coma.
  • “After the bath, the skin condition improves, and toxins are eliminated.” Yes – As a result of the intake, the metabolism increases, and blood circulation accelerates.

As you can see, a hot bath is very beneficial for the human body. It is only necessary to observe certain conditions and not to overdo it.

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