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How to brush your teeth correctly?

How often do you need to brush your teeth?

From childhood, we were told that it’s better to brush your teeth twice a day, but some people neglect this rule, skipping evening brushing. Which, inevitably, leads to a deterioration of the teeth. Experts believe that morning and evening brushing is necessary, because, at night, there is very little saliva in the mouth, so bacteria can multiply during sleep with doubled strength. In order to ruin the life of bacteria, it is necessary to thoroughly brush your teeth before bedtime, completing the process by abundant rinsing.

As for morning brushing, the opinions of doctors are contradictory: on the one hand, brushing your teeth before breakfast eliminates bacteria, and on the other hand, brushing your teeth after breakfast will help to freshen your breath and eliminate food debris. One way or another, for controversial situations, have a liquid oral antiseptic and dental floss on hand.

There is no need for daily cleaning, because it can only load the enamel even more, since the protective mechanisms work at full power in the daytime. Do not brush your teeth immediately after eating: enamel becomes vulnerable to the effects of food and drink temperatures. Wait 30 minutes before going to the bath.