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How to brush your teeth correctly?

The benefits of using toothpaste. How to choose a toothpaste?

  • Toothpaste, especially containing stabilized tin fluoride, continues to work when tooth brushing is complete.
  • The active ingredients of toothpaste enhance the cleansing effect. A biofilm, or bacterial plaque, is a dense volume formation that has good “adhesion” to tooth tissues. Plaque is difficult to simply remove from the surface of the tooth or mucous membrane. Toothpaste has chemical components that affect the adhesion of bacterial plaque.
  • The active ingredients of toothpaste can stop the biofilm formation process, i.e. not only remove it from the tooth surface, but also minimize the ability of bacteria to reproduce.
  • The toothbrush cannot penetrate hard-to-reach places in the mouth, and the toothpaste, in combination with the liquid, turns into a solution that can penetrate small cracks and clean the oral cavity.

For home cavity prevention, 2 things are necessary: ​​remove plaque and strengthen enamel. You can remove plaque with a brush, but the enamel will be strengthened only by chemical elements. In pastes, it is usually fluoride.

With dentin hypersensitivity (open dentinal tubules), it is necessary to close the tubules or reduce nerve conduction with the help of chemical trace elements, in particular, toothpastes.