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How to brush your teeth correctly?

Proper teeth reading.

Doctors regularly draw our attention to the fact that most people do not brush their teeth correctly. Such a seemingly insignificant detail, like the wrong direction of brush movement, can actually lead to extremely negative consequences. For example, the usual horizontal movements of the toothbrush in the mouth do not actually clean even a tenth of all dirt, and the strong pressure on the toothbrush is not only useless, but also harms the teeth, injuring the enamel. At the same time, circular movements of the toothbrush harm the gums; they seem to “sweep” the smallest food particles remaining on the teeth under the gums, causing subsequent inflammation. That is why correct movements when brushing your teeth are so important.

It is necessary to start brushing your teeth from the top surface. Proceed with cleaning the upper row and make several neat, short vertical movements. Movements should be performed “from top to bottom”, but not vice versa. When cleaning the lower teeth, on the contrary, it is necessary to move the toothbrush from the bottom up. Chewing surfaces of the teeth – brush with the usual horizontal movements.

The final cleaning step is a gentle gum massage. Use a special scraper or a regular toothbrush to clean your tongue. After brushing your teeth with a toothbrush, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water, and then use dental floss to remove soft deposits from the interdental spaces.

It’s very simple to determine if your teeth are well brushed. Smoothness indicates that there is no plaque left on the teeth, and roughness is a sign that the surface of the teeth has remained contaminated.

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