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How to care for combination skin?

Combination skin has several features that must be considered when drawing up a care plan. What is combination skin and how to properly care for it, read on.

What is a combined face type?

Combination skin is a type of epidermis in which oily sheen , enlarged pores with comedones are observed in the T-zone due to a violation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands (black dots), periodic rashes . In the U-zone , the skin can be either dry or normal. If it is dry, thin, there are almost no pores on the face, peeling is worried, especially in windy or cold weather. Normal skin has a slightly pink healthy tone, wrinkles, enlarged pores and peeling on it are not observed.

How to care for your skin in this case? It’s simple: the T-zone must be “ dry ” or, more precisely, matted, and the U-zone must be regularly moisturized . That is, your cosmetic arsenal should have different means aimed at solving different problems.

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