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How to care for dyed hair?

Follow the rules.

Dyed hair may look lifeless and dull, break and split. After staining, this can happen faster than the roots are able to grow. In order to prevent this, it is advisable not to spend much time in the sun and use special means to protect hair from ultraviolet radiation.

The chemical effect of the oxidizing agent and dye does not have the best effect on the condition of the scalp. Many girls experience itching and dandruff after visiting a salon. In this case, it is necessary to calm the irritated epidermis and moisturize it, for this, sour-milk and oil masks are best suited.

It is imperative to use thermal protectants, cream, spray or oil, which do not allow the hair to overheat before drying with a hairdryer, iron or curling iron. Pay attention to the composition so that it contains components that extend the color saturation.

Using herbs, you can maintain color saturation. For blondes, rinsing with chamomile infusion is suitable. For brunettes, it is recommended to use ordinary black tea or coffee. After the procedures, it is necessary to rinse the hair with clean water and carefully remove the remaining residue.

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