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How to choose a comfortable beach to relax in Egypt and Turkey?

The most popular holiday destinations are the beaches of Egypt and Turkey . In addition, travel agencies push them to fly there, constantly offering the so-called “hot” tours. How to choose a comfortable beach to relax in Egypt and Turkey?


The tourist season in Egypt lasts all year round. Here you can always soak up on a beautiful beach or walk through historical places. The architecture of this country delights with its diversity and brilliance. If you don’t really like to “roast” in the sun, then choose autumn for a beach holiday. At this time, the weather becomes mild, the water is very warm. Children will definitely appreciate travel during this period.

As for the beach, there are many of them! There is plenty to choose from. After all, the country has a favorable geographical position: it is surrounded on both sides by the waters of the Red and Mediterranean Sea. Now, in more detail, “walk” along the beaches:

Cleopatra Beach.

It is located near the city of Mersan Matruh, in the bay. A huge plus of this location is that it is surrounded by large boulders on all sides. In windy weather, it is always cozy and warm. The bright colors of water attract tourists here: it can be either bright blue or turquoise. You can walk through the warm sand to everyone, as the entrance is free. Still, walking along the promenade, you can look at the ancient buildings – the Cleopatra Palace.

Haram Beach.

It is located on the Mediterranean coast. To get here, you need to make a lot of effort, since the sandy shore is seventeen kilometers from the city. Tourists with small children usually come here to enjoy, as the descent into the water is shallow, the sand is white – all conditions for young travelers . Admission is also free.

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