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How to choose a hygienic lipstick?

Features of the composition.

Hygienic lipstick based on natural wax. The most commonly used beeswax with calming anti-inflammatory properties, or carnauba hypoallergenic wax, that improves the quality of other waxes – has a special hardness and density, and the lipstick becomes shiny and pleasant to the touch. Wax protects the skin of the lips and and protects them from drying out.

Hygienic lipsticks contain additional components, such as vitamins A, E, C and B, which nourish and soften the skin of the lips, promote the healing of microcracks and relieve inflammation, especially on thin lips. They have a rejuvenating effect and smooth out small wrinkles.

In addition, lipsticks contain extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils. In cosmetology, jojoba oil is often used, which contains a large number of amino acids, as well as apricot, which has a calming and moisturizing effect, along with castor oil and sea buckthorn oil. Aloe vera extract also has anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerative effects, so it is often added to therapeutic lipsticks.

Chamomile and calendula protect the lips from aggressive environments, resist inflammation, protect from frost and wind.