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How to choose an inexpensive wine: 5 top tips

Valuable regions.

Pay attention to valuable regions. Countries such as Spain, Chile and Portugal produce different types of wines, but they do not have the same prestige (or economic status) as countries such as France and the United States. But, despite it being a wine producing country, you will not lose the value and quality of this drink, but rather, you will enjoy its taste and aroma!

Also try the lesser-known grape varieties, which are not so popular among lovers, but no less tasty. Oftentimes, these varieties are of great value. A few examples are Carmenere, Primitivo, Tannat, Bobal, Nero d’Avola and Petit Syrah.

Check out the brand.

Well-known and large brands produce, not only expensive wines, but also cheaper ones – you can find a bottle of good wine worth less than $10. For example, brands such as Cobrand, Jackson Family Estates or Saint-Michel have a high reputation in terms of price and quality of wine. To buy a bottle of such wine, look for these brands on store shelves, in wine boutiques, or on online stores.