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How to choose fish with caviar?

All housewives hope to find fish and caviar in stores, but such a catch is not always successful. In this article you will find secrets and ways to choose fish with caviar.

Fish size.

This method is the most common , you can see that the female with the caviar will be larger than the male. When you choose a fish, look at the abdomen , the females with caviar will have more , you will immediately realize that the fish has caviar If you want to buy pink salmon with red caviar, you will see that the female will not always be larger , maybe smaller in size , but in weight she will be heavier , then there is a high probability of buying fish with caviar. A female with caviar abdomen will have more , touch it and you can determine if there is caviar there or not.

Look at the fins.

Fins in females and males are different . In the male they are wider , more coarse . But this way doesn’t always work . The fins can be completely the same , even if the fish is fresh, not frozen. It will be even more difficult to identify the fish by the fins if it is frozen . Because of hoarfrost and ice, it will be difficult to determine if there is caviar in the fish or not.

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