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How to choose flattering earrings?

All girls love jewelry, especially earrings. After all, it is they who can so subtly emphasize your face and outfit. These exquisite decorations help give color and personality to any look. But there are so many of them that it is impossible to choose the very ideal ones. We will help you choose earrings so that all the compliments of the world will be yours.

Criteria for selecting earrings.

Choose earrings that match your face shape. These include:

  • oval face
  • round face
  • face heart
  • square face
  • narrow face

The face is oval.

For women with oval faces, their foreheads are as wide as their cheekbones. The oval face narrows from the cheeks to the chin. If you have such a face, you are lucky because you can wear almost any style of earrings. But there are also highlights, for example, oval-shaped earrings with pendants provide a truly spectacular look! Such earrings draw attention to the elongated shape of the face, without adding any length or width.

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