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How to choose the perfect size for chain, lace, necklace, necklace?

Do you know how to choose the perfect size of chain, lace, necklace and necklace? It turns out that not only in appearance they must be chosen. Experts recommend paying attention to other parameters.

Choose the perfect size for the decoration yourself. To do this, use the following tips :

  • Take the thread and wrap it around your neck.
  • Lock it in a length that suits you.
  • Expand the thread and attach to the ruler.
  • The resulting size is rounded up to 4-5 centimeters up.

This way you can determine how long is ideal for you . But this does not mean that the store should not do the fitting of the chain before buying. If the jewelry will be for a gift, always consider the age of a girlfriend or boyfriend. Young girls like short laces, necklaces and necklaces, and more mature ladies like medium-length chains.

What kind of neck jewelry is there?

A lot of girls buying jewelry on their neck do not even know what to call them correctly. There is nothing wrong with this, who can remember all their kinds. We’ll highlight just a few of the most common :

  • Lace – a universal element that is used to wear pendants and other pendants. It is made of leather or rubber thread.
  • Necklace – exquisite jewelry, has decorative elements. There are varieties of it: solid, cast, soft, sectional.
  • Necklace – very similar to a necklace, only their prominent center distinguishes. There are two types: flexible and rigid.
  • Collars and chokers are very short pieces that fit snugly around your neck. When choosing them, see that it does not press down and does not cut into the skin. Collars – wrap around the neck, and the second look – fits snugly to its base.
  • Chain is the most popular product. It is worn as an independent decoration and in addition with crosses and pendants.

Such a guide to the fashion world will help you not to get confused at the store, and not look stupid in the eyes of the seller.

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