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How to choose women’s pants by the type of figure?

Pants for type «A».

Such women have pronounced hips. Type A also has a thin waist, sleek arms and a neat chest. So that the disproportionality of the figure is not revealed, stop at the model with arrows, which will visually stretch the legs and make them slimmer. Also, a flare from the middle of the thigh will do, which will balance the lower body.

It is advisable that the widest part of the trousers is not wider than your hips, otherwise it will look awkward. Choose pants with side pockets that are on a diagonal line. Horizontal pockets will only increase your hips.

Forbidden: models that have back pockets, surround decor in the hips, ruffles and folds.

Pants for type «Х».

Such women have shoulders and hips that are almost the same in size, and even with excess weight, the waist will still differ significantly from the hips. A type of figure such as an “X” can be worn on almost any style of trousers, but the best will be those that accentuate the aspen waist. Such an accessory on trousers, like a vertical strip, visually lengthens the legs – this should definitely be used.

Forbidden: styles with patch pockets on the sides, embroidery and decor on the hips. Also, do not wear low-rise pants so as not to make the hips visually heavy.