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How to choose women’s pants by the type of figure?

Pants for type «Н».

For girls with the “H” type, shoulders and hips are equal in width. Their feature is a very small hint of waist and flat buttocks. The main goal of this type is to emphasize the waist and slender legs.

Slender girls should pay attention to the models, narrowed to the bottom, and large ladies fit direct models with high or low landing and slightly flared. The breeches will look good, as they emphasize the hips and sit nicely on the figure. You may prefer to wear jeans with an elastic mesh, as pants are very difficult to find by such a figure, and they can easily emphasize the shortcomings.

Trousers with a mid-rise will not fit this type.

Pants for type «Т»

Type “T” has broad shoulders, a strong back, narrow hips and slender legs. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the hips, visually reduce the shoulders, emphasize the beauty of the legs, balance the top and bottom.

Styles with hip décor will suit you. This can be, for example, zippers, large pockets, rhinestones, and patterns. You can safely put on a flare. Wide models are ideal – breeches or harem pants, as well as trousers with pleats or bulky pockets in the hips. As for the shades, it is better to choose bright light colors, as they will help visually expand the lower part.

It is not recommended to wear tight styles that can emphasize the shortcomings of your figure.

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