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How to confess your love to your beloved man in your own words?

Although men seem strong, rude, sometimes thick-skinned, this does not mean that they do not want to hear pleasant words. A touching confession to a beloved man will be very pleasant, especially if it is made unexpectedly or in an original way. And you can show your love and show what feelings you feel for him.

Is it worth making recognition first?

There are several sides. On the one hand, your young man may be indecisive or shy to confess his love first. On the other hand, some men like to be “hunters” and leading in pairs. Let’s look at when it is appropriate to make a first confession to a girl, and when it is completely inappropriate.


You think that your young man has tender feelings for you, but is afraid to admit first. He may simply be indecisive or unsure of himself. Perhaps he is shy or his past relationship ended badly. Under such circumstances, many men become very cautious. But if you clearly grasp his feelings, then it is worth taking the first step. Just be prepared that the guy will be taken by surprise, so his reaction can be mixed. Do not wait for reciprocal recognition, it may take more time.

If you’re just tired of waiting for actions from your beloved, then it’s better to immediately find out if he has feelings. No need to waste time on someone who is not interested in building a relationship with you.

It is inappropriate to admit.

Many men are hunters by nature. Then they themselves will definitely want to move forward in your relationship, admitting first.

It is inappropriate to declare love if a guy had a relationship at the level of flirting. A hasty admission will only frighten him away.

Do not confess to the first guy who does not know about you or your feelings. Most likely, his reaction will hurt and disappoint you.

Do not manipulate through recognition if the man is already in a relationship. If he loved you, he would not be on the other.

But the most important rule is not to admit love if you do not experience it. It is not worth it. Your recognition problems cannot be resolved. If there are no feelings, then after recognition they will vryatly appear. Do not play with other people’s feelings.

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