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How to deal with age spots?


Dermabrasion consists of grinding the surface layer of the skin with a rapidly rotating brush. This procedure removes the top layer of skin , and new skin appears in its place. You may need to go through the procedure more than once . This treatment may result in temporary redness .

Microdermabrasion is a less aggressive approach , in which the skin becomes more smoother . You will need a series of procedures for several months to get the full effect. If you have small red veins on your face , this technique can make your condition worse .

Chemical peeling.

Chemical peeling includes applying acid , which burns the top layer of your skin, which has age spots. As your skin clears, new skin appears in its place. Before you notice any results, you need to go through several procedures . After this treatment, sun protection is highly recommended. There may be a temporary redness and a slight risk of permanent changes to skin color .

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