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How to deal with irritability?

Excessive manifestation of emotions negatively affects human relationships. Constant irritability can cause many negative situations. What is irritability and how to deal with it, read on.

What is irritability?

In the usual sense, irritability is an excessive emotional reaction to rather routine, everyday events. Anything can be such a phenomenon (irritant) – a creak of a constantly opening door, a colleague shaking his foot, a bright smell, flashes of light from a flashing lamp, etc.

However, these are external manifestations of irritability. Why does she appear? In general, we can say that we are annoyed when what is happening does not coincide with our idea of ​​reality and how everything should happen. This definition may concern trifles or global life situations.

One way or another, it is possible and necessary to deal with irritability. Below we will figure out how to do it.

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