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How to deal with mood swings?

Mood swings are a fairly common occurrence; to eliminate the symptoms, it is necessary to identify the causes of this condition. How to cope with mood swings read on.

The main causes of mood swings.

There are many reasons for this. Frequent mood swings may be due to physiological or mental processes . Women are more susceptible to it, but such cases are not isolated among men.

Key reasons causing mood swings:

  • hormonal imbalance ;
  • medication;
  • reduced physical activity ;
  • pathological processes;
  • depression or stress ;
  • diets and physical exhaustion ;
  • bad habits.

Generally speaking, the changeable mood signals the weakness of the body. Of course, various types of temperament can be characterized by a specific character. Phlegmatic and sanguine people are less prone to mood swings, while choleric and melancholic people experience these conditions more often. But still you can trace the line between norm and deviation.

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