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How to defeat depression?

Depression or conditions close to it are harmful not only to psychological, but also to physical health. There are several ways to deal with depression yourself. How to overcome depression yourself read on.

Wake up your body.

When you are depressed, just getting out of bed can already be a grueling task. Meanwhile, affecting your physical condition may be easiest . You do not have to go to the gym, run a kilometer every morning. Try incorporating physical exercises into your daily routine and do what you like.

Move a little, but constantly. Turn on the music and move to the beat, walk the stairs , instead of using the elevator, park your car further than usual, and take a walk to work on foot.

Do yoga . Many psychology studies have confirmed that regular yoga classes help reduce symptoms of depression , anxiety, and nervous tension. Start with basic exercises, for them it is not necessary to have serious training.

Dance . Dancing not only helps to awaken energy, but also make contact with the body : you begin to feel the rhythm, better control your movements. Now there are many options, and you can choose dances according to your taste : sensual bachata or fiery boogie-woogie.

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