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How to determine your hair type?

Standard basic care in home.

For normal hair . Use shampoo for normal hair 2-3 times a week or more often, if necessary, balms or masks , if desired, indelible care products . Hairdressing procedures are not contraindicated.

For oily hair . Wash your hair daily or every other day with mild shampoo . Once a week, wash your hair deeply with cleansing shampoo . Sometimes you can make masks that suit you, but don’t get carried away and avoid silicones . Use hair tips if you wish. Limit carbohydrates in your diet. Drink more clean water .

For dry hair . Use very mild products for home hair and wash. About every 5-6 days, wash your hair with a moisturizing silicone-free shampoo for dry hair. Silicone-free care products are acceptable if your hair is colored, straightened or curled. Use non-abrasive grooming products regularly to moisturize your hair. Cut the ends of your hair once every 1-2 months.

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