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How to eat in winter?

Each season has its own diet, the most useful for the body. What foods are good to eat in winter, read on.

Autumn restructuring of the body.

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In the autumn months, the body prepares for work in a mode of reduced energy consumption. This is primarily expressed in a state of general depression and constant drowsiness. Efficiency is also reduced, and even a strong-willed person wants to complain about life and eat something sweet.

This state should not be afraid. In the fall, day after day, daylight hours are reduced, which affects the decrease in the production of serotonin – a hormone of pleasure, the lack of which in the body leads to a decrease in working capacity and desire to perform any action. There is also a lack of vitamin D, which has a bad effect on human health – it becomes more tired, and since metabolism is disrupted, it inevitably gains excess weight. The period of such energy passivity can be reduced to a couple of weeks, if you switch to a winter diet in time, which has its own characteristics.

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