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How to fall in love with your husband again?

Change yourself.

Believe me, your appearance is important for your husband. He looks and thinks how you feel about him. If you look after yourself, then you will want him to like you more. Often, women who have been married for many years look very messy at home. Throw away the dirty robe, stretched sweater and pants with a hole. Seeing how you dress up for work or somewhere else, your husband may think that you are ugly at home for him, and dress up for someone else.

We suggest you take note of 2 rules:

  1. you need to look sexy at home – wear short shorts with a T-shirt or a dressing gown.
  2. wear clothes at home that you can go out on the street in without being shy. Let your husband know that you dress up for him.

Of course, in addition to clothing, it is worth paying attention to your weight. Scientists have proven that your husband will not notice extra pounds, if your weight has not increased by more than 7 kg.

Take the initiative in your own hands.

Often, a man thinks – if they want me, then they love me. But only when the woman herself takes the initiative in her own hands. Therefore, act. This is another important rule of happy relationships and long love. Remember, that it is important for a man when the initiative comes from his half.