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How to get rid of sweaty armpits?

Doctors discussing the issue of sweating say that this is a normal physiological phenomenon in every person. It is inherent in nature that, when we sweat, our body gets rid of toxins, harmful substances and excess salt. It is not possible to determine the average indicator of sweating in people – absolutely all organisms are different. But, if a person is a carrier of such an excessive state, it is worth paying attention to this and taking measures to reduce sweating.

Reasons for the appearance and methods of combating hyperhidrosis.

Of course, not a single person will like the state of hyperhidrosis. Before you start the fight against the disease, you should find the cause of its occurrence. In fact, there may be a lot of them. Sweat glands enhance their work for such reasons:

1. Problems with the endocrine system.
2. Infections.
3. Problems with the psyche.
4. Rheumatological problems.
5. In women with changes in hormonal levels.
6. Excess weight.

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