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How to get rid of tartar?

The formation of plaque and stone significantly harms the teeth and damages the enamel. How to get rid of stone and plaque at home, read on.

What is tartar?

About two hours after brushing, plaque begins to form on the surface of the teeth. It is a film , which consists of saliva proteins, bacteria and microparticles left over after eating. Inorganic substances accumulate in soft plaque over time, mainly the calcium salts contained in saliva. This is how plaque hardens, which becomes tartar .

Tartar can cause bad breath from the mouth, cause tooth decay, and if it penetrates the gums, it can cause serious inflammatory processes (gingivitis, periodontitis). A change in the color of the teeth, irregularities detected when the tongue is drawn along the surface of the teeth indicate the appearance of tartar . A more serious symptom is gum itching and bleeding . Everyone is at risk for tartar; it can occur in both adults and adolescents.

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