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How to increase performance with power?

Proper nutrition helps the body to get enough energy and improves performance. What products will help restore strength read on.

Foods are “energy stealers.”

Fast food and food with a lot of fake ingredients. Such food, of course, gives a boost of energy, but not for long. Indeed, in such products there are almost no useful substances , and chemical compounds and additives poison our body. To remove poisons and toxins, the body needs extra strength . Hence the decrease in immunity and chronic fatigue .

Sweets and sugary drinks. You should not abuse products containing refined white sugar, sweet pastries with fatty creams and even chocolate. These foods are the source of “fast” carbohydrates .

Coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning may give a false sensation of a surge of vigor, but remember that caffeine depletes the liver , causing accumulation of toxins and, consequently, fatigue.

Alcohol . Alcoholic beverages contribute to adrenaline rush , respectively, all processes in the body are accelerated and performance temporarily increases . Therefore, a single drink of alcohol does not bring much harm, but if you use it often, adrenaline will stand out constantly , which can lead to constant fatigue and disability .

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