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How to reduce calorie intake?

High calorie intake is the main reason for weight gain. There are several effective ways to reduce the calorie intake. How to cheat hunger, and reduce the calorie content of food, read on.

Determine the optimal calorie intake.

How many calories you require depends on several factors : physique, height, and level of activity. You can forget the number, which means the number of your extra pounds , like a nightmare – it will not be useful to you.

And don’t be afraid that you will have to write down what you eat for a while. There are many convenient applications into which standard portions with calories are already driven. In addition, you can point the camera to a barcode, and the application will count it, after which it will automatically download calorie data . You may first need an electronic scale to weigh portions. But a month later (and even less), you will personally determine the portion size and know how many calories and which product is contained.

Change latte to espresso.

Let’s change these large latte glasses to small elegant espresso cups. Latte contains milk, milk foam and cream, which greatly increase its calorie content . In addition, for latte you will need more sugar , since its volume is much larger than the volume of a cup of espresso or Turkish coffee.

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