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How to relieve facial swelling?

Puffiness can be a sign of an improper day regimen or diet, but it can also indicate malfunctioning of certain body systems. How to prevent and remove puffiness, read on.

Why does my face swell?

Puffiness of facial tissues, its “sagging” and unhealthy gray color always indicate circulatory disorders . In order for the skin to remain elastic and young for a long time, it is necessary that the blood in the body can circulate freely, without encountering any obstacles in the way.

Why is it often that edema on the face is noticeable after sleep? It’s simple: when we are in a horizontal position, the natural outflow of fluid from the head is hindered because the head and body are horizontal, at the same level. And if a person does not have everything in order with the blood supply, then the situation in the morning is exacerbated even more. Sometimes a swollen face is a consequence of kidney disease or endocrine system .

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