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How to save makeup in the summer?

In the hot season, it is quite difficult for women to keep makeup for a long time. Provided that the skin is properly prepared and special products are used, this problem can simply be solved. How to apply makeup in the summer, read on.

Thoroughly clean and care for your skin.

Just as a quality canvas is important for a painting, so is healthy clean skin important for makeup. When she feels well, she doesn’t emit excess fat , and then any makeup stays on her for a long time. As soon as the skin begins to shine , then makeup loses its original appearance and begins to spread . Given that increased sebum production is nothing more than an attempt to protect oneself from an aggressive external environment, the best way to avoid this trouble is to create comfortable skin conditions.

Gentle and thorough cleansing and intensive moisturizing is often enough to make the skin no longer shine. Use mild cleansers and do not abuse tonics with alcohol – this will help preserve the natural protective lipid layer. Soft products are most often recognized by the mark “for sensitive skin,” the type of lotion you need – by the absence of the word “alcohol” in the first positions of the list of ingredients.

If you can’t achieve a satisfactory result using these products, or you need permanent makeup here and now, use matting cream: they usually contain both moisturizing and reducing activity sebaceous glands substances and absorbent components.

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