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How to set yourself up for work after rest?

Get into the operating mode gradually.

On the first working day after vacation, you should not “pounce” on accumulated work tasks. Otherwise, feeling a panic and horror at the amount of unfulfilled work, you risk undermining your nerves and health. Get back to work gradually.

So, on the first day, instead of completing 6 tasks, complete 2-3. This may be checking mail, replies to letters, drawing up a to-do list for the next week and other small matters that do not require much stress. Get into the operating mode smoothly, starting with simple tasks. And, when you get used to it, you can increase your workload. Thus, you will quickly recover and get used to the fact that you are back at work.

Also, try to divide the work into several stages and organize 5-10 minute breaks between tasks. During the break, look at the photos, talk with colleagues, meet new employees or go outside and get some fresh air.