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How to set yourself up for work after rest?

Depression after vacation.

Dependence of depression after vacation and on sex has been confirmed. The male psycho-emotional system is less plastic than the female, so recovery from psychological trauma and stress lasts longer.

Also, in the process of adapting to work after rest, temperament plays a significant role. For example, an energetic choleric easily switches from work to rest and vice versa, a week is enough for him. He may get tired during a long vacation, so it is better for him to break the rest into parts.

Sensitive melancholics and slow phlegmatics should rest for a long time. It is better if they take the whole vacation at once. Ideally – a whole month. Recovery is slow, and, if representatives of these groups do not rest, they will not be able to fully engage in work. And some sanguine people may not need annual leave at all – they just need to go to the cinema to distract themselves from work.