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How to set yourself up for work after rest?

Some tips on how to tune in to work.

1. Incentive. Not wanting to get fines and quarreling with superiors is a great incentive.

2. Motivator. Do not forget that, for many important and large projects, you will receive a bonus or promotion. If you always do your work on time and show excellent results, the authorities will take this into account and thank you.

3. The plan. Write down all the cases (tasks) that you need to do on a list. Do things starting with what you need to take on first.

4. Clarity of mind. Try to have a good rest in between work. If you worked at the computer all day, take a walk.

5. No strength? Set a goal. It is then that the incentive to reach new heights will become much stronger.

6. Concentration. Try to concentrate as much as possible on what you are doing, and you will notice that you will do it much faster and better.

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