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How to stop loving sweets?

Sugar in large quantities is harmful to the body, but what about those who love sweets? How to stop loving sugar and find a useful substitute for it, read on.

Why do we like sugar?

First, let’s figure out why we are so attracted to sweets . In general, this is the work of evolution: people have learned to feel sweet taste and consider it tasty to survive – poisonous berries and plants are usually bitter. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that strict predators , such as cats, do not recognize a sweet taste at all. They eat mostly meat, and sweets are hidden in carbohydrates … We, as omnivores, have a special tongue zone that perceives a sweet taste .

Initially, people could get simple carbohydrates , that is, sugar, only in a natural way – from unprocessed foods. And then carbohydrate intake was not a big problem. Rice, wheat, corn, potatoes – complex carbohydrates , which served as the main source of energy. And then people learned how to make bread, noodles, dough.

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