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How to strengthen nails?

Well-groomed hands – it is always pleasant and beautiful to look at, but, without special care, it will not work out to the desired result. In this article, we have chosen the simplest and most effective ways to strengthen and treat nails, which are easy to follow on your own, without spending a lot of time and effort.

How to strengthen nails at home?

Regular hydration.

Be sure to buy hand cream and cuticle oil. Rub oil into the cuticle and nail plate, and cream into the skin of the hands regularly. Oils are well absorbed into the nails, and the cream creates a protective barrier that retains moisture.


Remove the manicure and let the nails rest and harden. Now, there are many nail products that contain vitamins A, C, E and other nutrients.

Cuticle care.

Do not let the nails look as neat as after a manicure, get rid of the desire to eliminate the cuticle. It acts as a protective barrier against infections and microorganisms. And when the nails are loose – this is especially important. At this time, all your care for cuticles comes down to lubrication and hydration.


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