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How to sunbathe?

To purchase a beautiful tan, you must follow several rules, which will not only allow you to tan evenly, but also keep the tan. How to sunbathe, read on.

Be prepared to sunbathe gradually.

Do not even try to catch all the sun’s rays for a short weekend. You are unlikely to become a “chocolate bar” for such a period, but the health risks will seriously increase. And that’s why.

Melanin, a dark pigment that gives the skin a chocolate or bronze hue, is actually a tool that protects our body from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. Melanin creates a kind of protective barrier around skin cells, scattering dangerous UV rays.

While melanin is low, cells are unprotected and easily mutate when exposed to UV rays. Tanning, which fair-skinned people get, is the first sign of damage to DNA molecules, fraught with at least accelerated aging and, in the worst case, the development of melanoma. Ideal – to acquaint the skin with ultraviolet gradually.

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