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Incomparably beautiful: how to stop comparing yourself with others and why you need it

Am I better or worse? Why am I worse than he / she? Why do such thoughts arise in a person’s head? Why do we so often compare ourselves with others? Why does a person need this?

Ah, that bad habit!

More often than not, we compare unfairly. Because we take in ourselves all the worst (we know our weaknesses) and compare it with the best qualities of a person on the contrary. Of course, in such a battle, there is little chance of winning.

Cannot be compared without accurate measurements . But only fools believe that everything good in the world can be counted or measured.

Therefore, even do not waste your time on different comparisons . This is a thankless job. It’s better to spend these minutes on something useful that can please you.

In addition, each person is unique . Everyone has their own place in this life, everyone does his own thing. Each person has their own unique talent and ability . Therefore, comparing yourself with someone else is the highest degree of stupidity.

Everyone is different, everyone is individual.

In such a battle, you are likely to lose, and moreover, lose your pride, self-confidence, and in your views as well.

And if you already begin to constantly compare yourself, then this process is endless. After all, there will always be something new , which you will pay attention to, and again you will find in yourself the cons, as a result, you lose in this race.

Moreover, the comparison process takes away a good mood, strength and position in life. Therefore, as soon as possible, finish this business.

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