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Is a tanning bed harmful to women?

Tanning in a tanning bed can have dangerous consequences. On the other hand, one can hear such facts that the infection is good for health and it improves mood. To see if a tanning bed is harmful to women, read our article below.

What causes a tan?

Tanning is caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds , which causes genetic damage to cells on the outer layer of the skin . The skin tries to prevent further damage by producing melanin (a pigment that gives our skin its color), which leads to darkening – what we call tan .

Any tanning is harmful to your health, especially tanning in the solarium. One in five people will get skin cancer by age 70. Worldwide, there are more cases of skin cancer due to tanning than lung cancer due to smoking. It also affects your appearance badly. From sunburn, the structure of lice of the skin changes, and thereby it ages faster. It accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, age spots.

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