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Lady Perfection: 10 royal rules of conduct at the table.

Beautiful and competent behavior at the table can charm not only men, but also women. After all, this is how beautiful it looks from the outside, that many will want to master this art . It’s very important that the movements seem absolutely natural and aristocratic.

This is the whole point of elegant flirting at the table . It’s like moving on stage, but creating a feeling of complete comfort and naturalness in the audience.

Royal Table Rules.

  • If you want to fully master this art, then first you need to buy a full table set . After all, for example, you went to an important event for the first time in high heels, then you will have every chance to be Cinderella. But not the one that lost the shoe, but the one that took them off on her own. Also here. You should eat beautifully and gracefully not only at a party, but also at home. To make it your lifestyle, and not just the rule of the day.
  • Next, get yourself a textile napkin . It is designed to wet your clean mouth with it before you take a glass of drink. Or she should lie on your lap. It is also important to get used to it. And you should start at home. Before each meal, put a napkin on your knees, this will help protect your clothes. And when you get up, do not forget about her, so that she does not appear on the floor.
  • Self-control alone is the key to true elegance! Learn to eat naturally, control yourself, but don’t get hung up on it. Everything should happen on a subconscious level, as well as a napkin on your lap. It is necessary to decompose it without raising it above the table and continuing to conduct small talk with the guests. And do everything calmly, as if you had been eating all your life with a napkin on your lap.

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