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Lady Perfection: 10 royal rules of conduct at the table.

Competent behavior at the table.

  • The art of small talk at the table . It will not be difficult here, the main thing to remember is that at the table true ladies do not talk about death, diseases, do not discuss religion. Also, during a conversation at the table, you do not need to complain and be smart. If you have lunch with women, then you do not have to rush to tell everyone about your children. Not everyone is interested in those like that.
  • Next, get down to food . It is very important to learn how to cut a steak with a knife and fork, using only your fingers. Before, yes, however, as it is now considered a very bad tone , if you wave your hands above the table. Therefore, from an early age, the children of aristocrats were taught to cut food correctly, and they studied just on steaks. Girls and boys had to cut meat without waving their arms left and right, but only using their fingers.
  • In no case do not forget about the posture at the table because this is the basis of elegance. Sit confidently, but with a flat back. This will betray self-confidence and will look much more beautiful than a curved body in the letter Z.

  • The motto of the aristocrats: “Everything in life comes to us!”, including food. Therefore, do not rush, take your time bring a spoonful of soup to your mouth, eat slowly, even the most difficult dishes. An elegant woman never rushes smiling and eating complex dishes, only leaning forward slightly and not bending over a bowl of soup.
  • Also learn how to understand wines . This will only be your advantage. This will help to start and maintain a conversation with any man. But do not go too far, do not make yourself the most intelligent and expert on alcoholic beverages. And, most importantly, do not forget that a glass of wine should be held by the leg of the glass.
  • Learn to flirt with a fork and knife . Sit in front of the mirror and see how best to hold the appliances to look not only elegant, but also beautiful.
  • And finally, learn all the table etiquette and it will help you put the stamp in your passport even faster.

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