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Multivitamins: benefit or harm?

Everyone knows that vitamins are useful, but few people know that not all vitamin complexes of artificial origin are safe. Why synthetic vitamins are dangerous, read on.

Examination of multivitamins – the cause of cancer?

That vitamin deficiency is harmful to health, we know from childhood. But lately, more and more information has appeared that excess vitamins (hypervitaminosis) can also lead to the development of various diseases , including cancer. Now it’s easy to find special vitamin complexes, for example, for athletes who contain doses many times greater than the daily requirement of vitamins. These additives must be treated with great caution .

Ideally, prescribe vitamins is the doctor’s prerogative. In each case, individual characteristics of a person are taken into account (lifestyle, history of allergies, gastrointestinal tract diseases, and malabsorption of vitamins). In particular, taking preventive doses of Vitamin C in the case of erosive gastritis can seriously aggravate the situation. And with prolonged use in high doses, ascorbic acid often causes the development of urolithiasis.

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