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Natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are useful for protecting and strengthening the body. Thanks to a natural pharmacy, it is possible to strengthen immunity in the cold, and prevent the development of infectious diseases. What are natural antibiotics and for what diseases are they used, read on.

Strongest natural antibiotic.

The strongest natural antibiotic is propolis . In extreme cases, where every injury or wound can heal for months, and often can lead to tissue necrosis and blood poisoning you need to know about natural remedies that effectively fight infection, since there are many natural antibacterials and herbs, but not everyone knows about them.

One of the most powerful natural broad-spectrum antibiotics can rightly be called propolis. It strengthens the body’s defenses, heals cuts , burns, frostbite, cracks, kills fungi . Based on propolis, you can prepare quite effective antimicrobial agents at home or in the wild.

Propolis is completely safe , but for allergies to honey, propolis-based medicines are best avoided.

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