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Overview of inexpensive electric cars

Renault ZOE

ZOE, the size of which corresponds to the size of the Renault Clio, offers a large trunk and space for four people, and its low-mounted battery makes the car good enough to drive. In this new model, the battery provides sufficient power for the claimed 395 km. Fast charging is available in Iconic and GT Line trim levels, so it is worth upgrading if you use it regularly.

An important element is the multimedia navigation system, which will find the most convenient route and location of the station for recharging. Also built in this system is an organized online store R-Link Store, where you can buy useful applications.
Such an electric car can travel about 395 km without recharging, and if you need to recharge, you can do this just an hour before fully charging. Although the power of such a model is only 88 horsepower, this is quite enough for the city. You can buy such a model for about $ 32,000.

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