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Preparing for weight loss: What you need to know

Before proceeding with active actions to reduce weight, it is important to prepare correctly, since it will be difficult for the body to switch to an unusual mode for it. To learn how to prepare yourself and your body for weight loss, read on.

Set a goal.

Clearly state the goal that you set for yourself. It must be real and doable! Do not expect to lose 7-8 kilograms per month. Of course, if you don’t eat almost anything, then you will lose this mass, but then even more kilograms will come back to you – you can’t eat like that your whole life. Moreover, if you torture yourself with hunger strikes, then wherever you are – at work, on vacation, at home – all your thoughts will be only about food. This is the wrong approach.

Weight loss should fit into your life, not lead it. The optimal weight loss rate is not more than two or three kilograms per month.

Motivate yourself! Explain to yourself why you need to lose weight. The reasons may be different. Every time you are close to giving up and eating a sandwich for the night, remember your goal and put the food back in its place.

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