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Preparing for weight loss: What you need to know

Psychology helps to lose weight.

There are a number of psychological tricks that can be of great help in the fight against obesity. The main rule is not to deny yourself food! If you really want to eat a piece of cake, this desire will not go anywhere. It will haunt you day and night and, in the end, will be completely exhausting. In order not to take it to the extremes, psychologists recommend cutting a regular piece of cake into three parts and eating only one. If you want more, the thought will appear in your head: “This will be the second piece, bust!”, And it will be easier for you to refuse the dessert.

Eat from a small plate. Food will fill almost its entire surface, and it will seem to you that the portion is quite impressive. Dishes should be chosen in blue tones: it is proved that this color reduces appetite, and orange, on the contrary, kindles it.

Someday, even with all these rules, the arrow on the scales will stop. This does not mean that you need to further limit yourself in nutrition and increase physical activity. You just reached the optimal weight. All people are different. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.