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Products that negatively affect mood

Mood is formed under the influence of many factors and nutrition is one of them. Read about what you need to eat to have fun.

How does mood affect the foods you choose?

People with a bad mood tend to choose sweet, fatty, salty foods. Such foods can give a boost of energy and improve mood, but only in the short term .

Some studies show that positive people prefer foods that are low in sugar, salt, and fat. But there is also evidence showing that positive-minded people prefer healthy foods as long as they know that a good mood will not leave them. Other studies show that farsighted, future-oriented thinking promotes a healthier choice of products.

There are gender differences on this issue. One study found that women are more likely to “seize” negative emotions : depression, loneliness, guilt. The foods we consume may be a more strong factor – what we eat today can affect our mood in a couple of days.

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